All data uploaded to TRAITBASE is released using the license CC-by (please ensure you have the rights to do so). If you want to contribute the easiest way is to download the template [link], fill in your data paying attention to the units each trait is defined in the schema and send it to the curator. If you need to define a new trait, just send along the description and units of this new trait to the curator. In the future this process can be done also using our R package, which will allow to run automatic tests on your data before submitting.

We are eager to help you share your data and get credit, so if you have data in another format and you don’t have time to reshape it to fit the template, contact me and we can help you with this.


  • Pollinators
    I. Bartomeus

Take the lead!
If you want to be the curator of another taxon contact me and we will developer the schema.